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ICON Application: Connecting Cities


Today’s productions are becoming more complex as facilities need intercom connectivity between multiple locations. It is crucial that the production teams have a seamless connection, whether they are in the same building or in a different country. Clear-Com’s ICON Connectivity Solutions help bridge the communication connections, regardless of distance, for any given situation.

Here’s a real life example of where ICON can help:

Clear-Com user asks, “I have a TV station in one city and a sister station in another city, and we need to link these locations. What should I do?”

Eclipse HX Matrix Intercoms

Answer: You can use your Eclipse HX matrix system in City A and link it to your Eclipse HX matrix in City B through the VoICE 2.0 interface, which connects 4-channels of 4-wire circuits over IP. On our larger matrix frames, such as the Eclipse HX-OmegaHX-Median, and HX-Delta, we have the IVC-32 card for efficient IP connectivity. 

If you already have a partyline intercom system (2-wire), you can connect to this using additional products. The IF4W4 is a 2-to 4-wire converter. This will allow you to tap into all your existing channels of partyline. Or, if you only want to connect to individual channels, then you can choose the EF-701M.

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