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ICON Application: Signal from Venue to Truck


Today’s productions are becoming more complex as facilities need intercom connectivity between multiple locations. It is crucial that the production teams have a seamless connection, whether they are in the same building or in a different country. Clear-Com’s ICON Connectivity Solutions help bridge the communication connections, regardless of distance, for any given situation.

Here’s a real life example of where ICON can help:

A Clear-Com user asks, “I need to send audio and intercom signals from my venue to a recording truck in the parking lot. How do I make that happen?”

Optocore Interfaces

Answer: You can use Optocore interfaces and run these signals over a fiber connection from your venue to the truck. 

The advantages of using Optocore are that:

1. It is a one duplex fiber connection.

2. It’s a secure connection.

3. It works well over long distances.

4. It’s clean–in that the signal is nor converted or decoded in the transfer process.

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