Industrial & Critical Communications

Enhance Customer Service, Streamline Operations with Advanced Voice Communication

Effective Retail Store and Warehouse Communication Systems ensure efficient operations and a great customer experience. While two-way radios are appropriate in some situations, augmenting radio and in-store paging systems with full-duplex high quality audio digital communications takes your system to the next level. When cashiers, pickers, paging, and security staff are all on the same system, operations are streamlined and people are empowered to deliver an excellent customer service experience.

Clear-Com products are designed and built to withstand extended use in the most demanding environments.

Features & Benefits

Hands-Free Operation

Keep your staff working efficiently and effectively with wireless, hands-free operation.

Cost Effective

More cost effective than traditional 2-way systems, with the ability to scale as business grows.

Augment Existing Systems

Tie into existing systems and centralize operations; a cost effective way to grow communications.

Application Diagrams

Here are just a few examples of product configurations for select Retail applications which can be fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

Let us help you design your ideal workflow solution.

Design Your Solution

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