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It’s Time to Take Command and Control!


We’ve been providing intercom systems for the most demanding command and control applications for decades. What does intercom have to do with command and control? Well, Clear-Com allows a commanding officer to communicate with and exercise authority over other enlisted staff officers. We provide an effective and reliable link between military personnel to help them accomplish missions.

APPLICATION: The maintenance crew in the equipment room and those in the command center of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) site needed to speak with staff throughout the facility and those in an outside trailer.

PRODUCT MUST: Because of security reasons, they required fiber connectivity to all areas. The robust intercom solution would need to be easy to use, interface with existing intercom equipment in the trailer and allow many people to communicate with one another.

SOLUTIONClear-Com’s Eclipse digital matrix intercom and I-Series control panel were installed in the equipment room. Several more I-Series control panels were installed in the command area and linked to the existing third party intercom inside the trailer where the staff are receiving directions and responding accordingly.

Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median can support up to 112 ports in a 6RU digital matrix frame. This system is ideal for critical communications among teams that need direct and group connections.

I-Series panels are engineered to be rugged and reliable. I-Series panels are built with two to four 5-character display selector modules and a microphone headset module. The fully fitted 4 module panel also includes a keypad.

Download Visio/PDF: Application Diagram for Command and Control

From Left to Right: Equipment Room, Command Center, and Outside Trailer

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