Military, Aerospace & Government


Today’s military, aerospace and government personnel expect more advanced functionality from intercoms and more options to communicate with one another as they engage in an extensive range of operations. Through deep industry experience and close cooperation with users, Clear-Com has developed proven intercom solutions with key capabilities. Clear-Com’s intercom systems are a strategic tool for efficient communication collaboration and coordination.

Ground Control Stations

The United States Military and Border Patrol utilize Clear-Com intercom devices to manage drone missions over US borders as well as strategic positions overseas It is extremely important that communications carry high quality audio that’s both secure and redundant. At Ground Control Stations (GCS) located at various bases, Clear-Com systems enable continuous communication between Pilots, Sensors and Observers as they conduct surveillance and tactical missions with drones or unmanned aircraft vehicles. Clear-Com intercom systems are ideal for remotely piloted aircraft and unmanned aerial system and vehicle communications.

Cross Domain Solutions

Clear-Com systems have been deployed across a diverse range of vertical markets to meet the needs of cross domain solutions and cross domain voice communications. Our solutions support work teams that need instant connections, real-time two-way communication, and secure talk and listen paths for non-interrupted communication. Clear-Com provides a true red/black system in which multiple security levels can now be traversed without compromising IP security.

Command and Control

Command and Control exercises demand the most from intercom applications. Large command and control operations, whether it be a space launch, homeland security, battlefield, unmanned vehicle control, aircraft testing and more require the ability to talk and listen to multiple sources simultaneously. Command and control communications often involves intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance incorporating computer intelligence. Control centers for command control and intelligence require hundreds of stations, individualized to user’s requirements for simultaneous communication across any number of channels. Standalone systems can support hundreds of users in one area or link together to support thousands of users in multiple locations.

Radio Interfacing and Bridging

Connect Clear-Com intercom system users with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) users over Clear-Com products for seamless interoperability taking advantage of Radio over internet protocol.

For radio bridging, Clear-Com systems can bridge radio channels across different radio platforms. Our radio interfacing includes port-to-port, port-to-multi-port and radio over IP (RoIP). The radio integration of our products enable analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital bridging and conferencing in a single platform. In this way, Clear-Com products support radio patching and cross band radio patching.

Training and Simulation

Training and Simulation continues to be a growing requirement for all military personnel. Giving multiple trainees and their instructors the ability to communicate in real-time during and exercise is a requirement. Intercom systems can even provide realistic sounds, degraded audio, or interference to simulate a real-world environment. Critical life-safety simulations such as the underwater training of astronauts or live-fire exercises for tanks and mobile armor benefit from real-time, high quality communication. As Clear-Com is used in real world military scenarios for multiple communication applications, it is important that the identical equipment is used in training and simulation facilities.

Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation requires reliable easy to use communications systems with great clarity and intelligibility. Test and Evaluation communication systems can range from a few people in multiple rooms testing software, to midsized systems providing ground support for aircraft, to large regionalized systems for missile tests. Clear-Com’s high quality, low latent intercom system provides a significant performance improvement over traditional or legacy systems. Clear-Com equipment has been used at every major US Military test range.

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