Meet Iris

Hello, my name is Iris.
Iris Panel - Releasing In February 2019

I can help improve your intercom system with the latest IP audio technology and keep you organized with vibrant color-based groups.

Benefit 1

Delivers high quality uncompressed AES67 audio – less than 10ms audio latency from panel to frame/E-IPA card

Benefit 2

Full-color, 10-character OLED displays allows users to quickly identify calls, groups and functionality with color-based messaging

Benefit 3

Combined with a single E-IPA card and EHX v11 software, a user can deploy up to 64 panels in an AES67-based network

Benefit 4

Backward compatible with MVX-A16 and IVC-32 cards (using G.722 Codec)

V-Series Iris Family:

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