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Patent Tricks so as not to Lose in Gambling


Actually Gambling with Trade is similar, how can it be similar? Now gambling and trading both require capital and of course to get profits / results. As with gambling, the idea of ​​capital management is to become one of the big gamblers classmates with amateur gamblers. Therefore we will here provide tips so that you look for a reliable gambler and certainly will not experience defeat, here are the tips below:

– Choose at least 2 teams once bet

Why not just play on one team? Doesn’t installing some teams need additional capital? Well just calm down, indeed this is impressed to be spending a little extra capital.

-Use Logic not Use Lust

What do you mean by logic? If you play gambling, focus on your main goal of winning and making a profit. You must always be concerned and use logic. If playing online soccer gambling try to look at the 5 previous matches of each team, so at least we already understand where this victory will be anchored.

– Manage Capital as best as possible

In each type of game, try to only risk 5% of your capital, for example if your capital is 1 million then the funds you use to bet are 50 thousand only. Now if you have won continuously, try to occasionally fold your bet with a note do not touch the capital that we used earlier.


put the capital back in accordance with the percentage of defeat earlier. For example, continued examples of benchmark events above. When you have lost 50 thousand, try to place a 100 thousand bet on the second game, if you still lose? Try folding it to 200, if you lose again, bro? reinstall 400 if you lose again? We say it won’t be possible, why? Consider again the sentence above, Win: lose 50:50.


Yes, the last is to determine the target you want to win, what we mean is to try to target according to logic, at a minimum, target 10% of your capital, if your capital is 10 million, of course winning 1 million is enough. Continue tomorrow.

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