Gateway Configuration Software

Gateway Configuration Software

Gateway Configuration Software

• Online and offline configuration changes
• Non-intrusive configuration downloads allow system changes without disruption
• Client/Server operation enables multiple administrators to configure the system
• Central configuration of any Trilogy host or a complete network of intelligently linked Trilogy matrices
• Access management console with multi-role and administrator configuration
• GPIO logic programming for conditional changes to intercom operation
• Host remote monitoring capabilities providing system status for all connected hosts
• Comprehensive range of communication modes: IFB, Group, Conference, SIP, etc.
• Easy to use structured layout
• Centralized configuration of all connected software and hardware operator panels
• Secure access for IP connected virtual panels Windows/iOS/Android
• Configuration of multi-function operator panels with multiple shift pages, interlocked keys, quick response keys, etc.

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The Windows-based Gateway configuration software configures and controls the operation of one or more Trilogy matrices. Gateway can both download and upload system configurations to a target Trilogy matrix for either offline editing or live changes.

Technical Specifications

Recommended PC Requirements for Hosting Gateway
Operating Systems

Windows 10
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016


8GB for standard systems
16MB for large networked systems and servers


Intel i5 10th generation or equivalent


Dedicated GPU for large network systems

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