• UHF Wireless IFB Receiver Beltpack
  • Operate between 486.4 and 639.9MHz
  • Preset (default) frequency can be set without power or transmitter signal
  • Frequency agile with 256 frequencies
  • Scan mode stores up to five additional frequencies
  • High sensitivity for extended operating range indoors or outdoors
  • 8 hours battery life (alkaline)
  • 20 hours battery life (lithium)

NOTE: This product is not approved for sale in Europe.

Item Part Number:

PRC2-19 (Block 19: 486.4 to 511.9 MHz), PRC2-21 (Block 21: 537.6 to 563.1 MHz), PRC-2/D (Block 24: 614.4 to 639.9 MHz) This block is targeted to be banned by the FCC for use within the US by July 13 2020

Technical Specifications

Operating Frequencies:

486.4  to 639.9 MHz

Block 19: 486.4 to 511.9 MHz
Block 21: 537.6 to 563.1 MHz
Block 24: 614.4 to 639.9 MHz*

*This block is targeted to be banned by the FCC for use within the US by July 13, 2020.

Frequency control:

Crystal Controlled PLL Sensitivity: 1 uv (20 dB SINAD)

Signal/Noise ratio:

95 dB A-weighted

Squelch quieting:

90 dB

AM rejection:

50 dB, 10 uV to 100 mV Modulation acceptance: ±20 kHz

Spurious rejection:

Greater than 70 dB

Third order intercept: 0 dBm

Frequency response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz, (±1db)

Pilot tone: 29.997 kHz, 4.5 kHz deviation (fixed crystal controlled)

Audio output: 1V RMS into 50 Ohms minimum

Antenna: Headphone cable

Programmable memory: Switches set default frequency; up to five additional frequencies can be stored in memory

Front panel controls: Single knob controls Audio Output Level, Power on, programming and Scan Frequency Selection

Indicators: Multi-color LED indicator for power on and battery status. Blinks to indicate channel number and during scanning.

Power requirement:

9V alkaline battery lasts about 8 hours
9V lithium battery lasts about 20 hours

Power consumption: 60 mA

Weight: 7.3 oz with battery

Size: 3.6 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches (housing only) (belt clip and knob extend beyond the housing)

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