Station-IC Virtual Client for Eclipse HX

Station-IC Virtual Client for Eclipse HX

Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client

  • For: Eclipse and LQ
  • To: Windows and MacOS
  • Scalable UI for multitasking desktops
  • Compact UI mode configured by the user
  • Global Key state and Audio Presence indicators
  • Native audio routing to computers I/O
  • Easy download from Clear-Com Website

Virtual Desktop Client for Eclipse-HX

  • (23) Keysets assignable to: Partylines, Groups,
    IFB, Point-to-Point, Directs & Controls
  • Individual Keyset Listen Level Controls
  • Reply for Incoming Point-to-Points
  • OS Notifications for incoming Calls

Network Agnostic

  • Supported by mission-built hardware
  • Robust intercom over LAN, WAN & Internet
  • IT friendly networking for Internet connectivity
  • Encrypted Connection

Flexible Licensing

  • Common license for Eclipse and LQ
  • Event licenses for short term use
  • Subscription licenses for continuous use
  • Transferable subscription licenses
Item Part Number:

Event Licenses:



Subscription Licenses:





Ready to try out Station-IC for yourself? Register to download Station-IC and demo for Windows and/or Mac.


Technical Specifications

Software Application

Audio Settings

Assignment to any operating system audio input and output

Audio test capability for computer audio

Audio level meters

Far-end Silence Suppression

Echo Cancellation

Audio Controls & Indication

Talk/Listen indication and level meter

Talk/Listen master mute

Listen level per key/keyset

Master level & balance by operating systems


Host Connection Profiles: 2

Keysets: 23

Assignable: Talk, Listen and Controls in EHX

Talk/Listen: Tap to latch (if allowed), push for momentary

Call signal: Initiation and indication

Tally Indication: Audio Presence, In-Use, Panel/Client Connected

Reply key: 1 – Shows incoming Point-to-Point talk for immediate response.

Hidden by default, pops up and provides operating system notification

Character Support: Arabic, Cyrillic, Hangeul, Hebrew, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, Latin

System Minimum Requirements

Host Intercom System

Eclipse: 12.1+* with E-IPA (or IVC-32)


Version: 8 (min), 10+ (recommended)

Computer and processor: 1.6GHz, 2 core (min)

Memory: 4.0GB RAM (min)

Hard disk: 3.0GB (available)

Display: 1024 x 768 (min)


Version: 10.14 (min), 10.16+ (recommended)

Computer and processor: Intel Duo Core Processor (min), Apple M1

Memory: 4.0GB RAM (min)

Hard disk: 1.5GB (available)

Display: 1280 x 800 (min)



Audio Encoding: G.722 – Fixed Wideband 7kHz within 64kbit/s

Frequency Response: 50Hz-7kHz

Frequency Response is additionally filtered depending on use

*Please contact your Clear-Com representative for use with older Eclipse versions.



Station-IC to 4-wire: LAN 85ms, WAN 92ms, Internet 117ms

4-wire to Station-IC: LAN135ms, WAN 158ms, Internet 216ms

Station-IC to Station-IC: LAN 220ms, WAN 245ms, Internet 333ms


Station-IC to 4-wire: LAN 109ms, WAN 115ms, Internet 145ms

4-wire to Station-IC: LAN 85ms, WAN 107ms, Internet 177ms

Station-IC to Station-IC: LAN 185ms, WAN 205ms, Internet 305ms

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