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Remembering Peter Giddings (1940-2019)


Peter Giddings was one of those people you could meet just once casually and would be very unlikely to forget – a tall, dapper, self-assured English gentleman who in some ways seemed incongruous in a company with roots in the San Francisco music scene, he was involved with Clear-Com for over 4 decades, having originally come into contact with founder Bob Cohen while representing Beyerdynamic who provided headsets to go with the intercom systems. Peter and his wife Judy worked as a team with Judy primarily handing the sales administration work and Peter doing the travelling and in that configuration worked tirelessly to launch and advance the Clear-Com brand in international markets.

Peter was renowned for his passion for vintage sports cars – both collecting them and racing them – in fact he still holds track records at a number of sites. Peter’s enthusiasm for motorsports intersected with the Clear-Com business as he worked to develop communications solutions for professional race teams and advanced relationships in that very demanding market segment which are still delivering results to this day. Peter’s sense for live events based communications carried into Clear-Com’s presence in global events like the Olympics and World Cup and he was a strong champion of the special requirements for these high profile opportunities.

Peter had unique insights having pioneered the business in a number of places that were not easy for Westerners to travel to during the 80’s and 90’s like China, India, and around Latin America and developed so much of the business which was often foundational in the nascent broadcasting business in some of these regions. Focusing on a powerful vision of the importance of a capable and well-placed local reseller to support the business in each geography, Peter effectively created our model for how to work with these important Partners and in some cases personally helped those businesses get started.

While researching the history of Clear-Com as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration last year it was revealed how important Peter and Judy were in the development of certain products within the Partyline portfolio, some of which have carried forward in subsequent developments to serve critical customer needs even to this day. These developments were driven by a unique combination of Peter’s audio applications insight and Judy’s market research expertise. Similarly, a key secondary market was ‘created’ through Peter’s identification of a communications challenge that Clear-Com was uniquely prepared to address and he did so undaunted by concerns of whether the products in question had been targeted for that market initially. 30 years later this is one of our key business components and has turned into a global activity for us.

Peter was always passionate about promoting Clear-Com and supportive of his fellow sales people but clearly expressed his views, especially as they regarded the needs of his customers. No one was happier than Peter when the acquisition of Clear-Com by HME dramatically improved such important factors like time to market, product availability, and manufacturing quality. In recent years Peter and Judy remained committed and passionate about advancing the Clear-Com cause and were infused with a strong sense of optimism as the company and their customer’s needs became more and more closely aligned.

The Clear-Com community mourns the passing of one of our founding visionaries who did so much to bring us to where we are today. Please join us in a moment of tribute to Peter’s memory as well as his and Judy’s contributions to the Clear-Com story.


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    My deepest condolences fron DIVICAM, PERU

    Bob Snelgrove says:

    It is a sad time for all who knew Peter, he was a totally unique individual, one well worth getting to know. I first met him at least 30 years ago. In those days he was the only person associated with Clear-Com who could speak with clear understanding of international distribution. A few years later I was lucky to be able to rekindle our association when GerrAudio became Clear-Com’s Canadian distributor. My sincere condolences go out to his family and especially to his beautiful and elegant wife Judy who was always by his side. I will miss him.

    It is a sad news. The lost of a visionary and founding of the clear-com. We are going to miss him a lot. The quality of person and the way he guide the enterprise has no equal.

    Rest in peace Peter.

    My condoleces, I met him and his wife Judy about three decades. I always remember him since with no much thinking he belived in me and my company. Somethin for which I will always remember him.

    Ray Sanders says:

    A truly inspirational man who was a pleasure to know during the roughly 30 years I worked with him.

    Visionary men, passion for perfection, He show us how to do things right. Thanks for all you gave to the industry. God bless you.

    Daniel Tsai says:

    When I entered Linfair Taiwan in 1911, I started to get in touch with Clear-Com, and then I had the opportunity to meet with Peter and learn about Clear-Com’s expertise. Peter always tirelessly and unreservedly imparted his professionalism to me, he always shows the gentleman’s demeanor.
    He is my teacher, I will never miss this dreamer.

    Lalit Agarwal says:

    t will be a big loss for the broadcast community ‘ I remenber Peter and Judy very well and specially his completete understanding of the intercom market and the nature of the buyer specially vis a vis INDIA. HIS support to me enabled us to overcome the threat from TELEX and TRILOGY. WE will miss his smile and cheerful spirit,may his soul R.I.P. and my deepest condolences to Judy.

    Dan Muchmore says:

    Judy, my thoughts are with you.

    Peter was always very generous with his time and supported my development in Tyrell. I will miss him! Clear-Com and his customers will miss him! A true gent!!!

    I met Peter and Judy in the the early 70’s when he was associated with Beyer and was fortunate to meet him again when I joined Clear-Com. When you speak of the success of Clear-Com — you cannot help but speak of Peter, as it was his steady hand on the wheel that helped propel Clear-Com along the road of success. One can say without hesitation nor reservation that Clear-Com Intercom Systems owes a good deal of our world-wide respect to
    Mr. Peter Giddings.. We share this loss with his Wife, Judy — we are all better for having known him.

    Marty Stein says:

    This note is from Peter and Judy’s “other world”…the vintage racing community. While I campaign a tiny and rare Italian roadster I was often in the same race as Peter, though my small motor was no match for his magnificent machinery. Peter was, in that world, as others describe him here…a perfect gentleman with respect for others…I never was concerned for my safety or his no matter where on the track he passed me. And the time I spent with him “off track” was always a rewarding pleasure. My son and one of my grandson’s represent three generations who were privileged to put our own “seats” in one of Peter’s cars…and we are all better for enjoying is graciousness and friendship.

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