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Single Ride Communication


Theme parks are an incredibly busy environment with scores of people looking to experience the latest rides. Each ride cycles passengers through a busy circuit of queue lines, passenger entry, the ride, and passenger exit. Accountability of all passengers at each ride segment requires a dependable communications system that staff won’t think twice about.

How It Works

The Industrial Digital system allows staff to communicate quickly and effectively to selected points of the ride over a digital partyline network. The system enables staff at any IKB-12P end-point to alert (audio and visual) and communicate details respective to the ride segment’s situation. The HMS-4X main station (with a redundant spare for physical swap) connects to a managed PoE switch via CAT5/6 4-wire cable. IKB-12P devices with handsets are then connected to strategically placed switches to complete the system. Up to 60 IKB-12P’s can be used on the system and each has 12 programmable call keys.

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