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Small Budget Production with Partyline and Wireless


For many smaller production facilities, wireless communication or additional endpoint positions are typically out of reach as many systems can be difficult to fit into a finite budget. But with some device creativity, schools, small churches and theaters can put together a wireless system that will greatly enhance their capability to manage their productions. A set of analog wired positions, a Windows or MacOS computer combined with an Android or iOS mobile devices gives anyone a viable wireless system. 

Application Notes 

The LQ-2W2 is an IP interface device that can connect 2-wire analog systems to IP based communications. In this scenario, two wired beltpacks connect stationary users to the rest of the team. Team members who need to move throughout the facility use Clear-Com’s Agent-IC mobile intercom app on their devices. The technical lead provides direction via Station-IC used on a Windows or MacOS computer. Up to eight Agent-IC licenses can be configured per an LQ box. 2-Wire communications are carried from the beltpacks to the LQ box, the audio signal is then converted into IP and delivered through a wireless router to the mobile devices over WiFi. 

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