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Clear-Com specializes in team communications to get the most from your group involved in complex activities. Social Distancing requirements as a result of COVID-19 policy changes mean even more people need ways to work together without getting too close. Please review some examples of how we can allow your collaboration to continue safely with our flexible solutions.
Warehouse Fulfillment – Social Distancing
Benefits of Full-Duplex Intercom:

  • Clear communication between workers ensures continuity of work
  • Handsfree mobile operations keeps hands free for work
  • Scalable solutions for all sizes of operations
  • Integrates with telephone and 2-way radio systems
  • Clear sound so people can understand easily
  • Ensures quick response to safety concerns
  • Can easily connect facilities across state or country lines
Manufacturing Facility – Social Distancing

Manufacturing Facility – Social Distancing

In many manufacturing facilities, there is a level of noise and interfering machinery and structure that makes it difficult to communicate between workers. This can be problematic not just between two workers, but within a large manufacturing group. With a wireless duplex communication system, workers are able to speak with each other hands free at a distance, without the two-way radio “step-on” situation where only a single user can talk at a given time. This eliminates unnecessary movement for a Production Lead and removes the need for workers to shout at each other in loud areas. Of greater benefit is the ability to seamlessly implement an acceptable social distancing manufacturing practice. 

Warehouse Fulfillment – Social Distancing Featured Products:
Fulfillment Center – Social Distancing

Fulfillment Center – Social Distancing

Fulfillment Centers with large warehouses can be extremely loud, and workers need both hands at all times. Forklifts, picking robots, conveyor belts and machinery can reach up to 100 dB. Workers who are asked to spend hours in this environment need dependable, hands free communications equipment to ensure safety, security and now social distance. Wireless systems delivering a high level of audio quality become a necessity when it comes to clarity and managing aural fatigue. The benefits of a quality wireless system are many, including reducing the need to shout, which can result in spray; quickly get safety or containment announcements to a large group; free up their hands for work; and limiting workers’ need to move to different areas of a facility.

Warehouse Fulfillment – Social Distancing Featured Products:
Hospital Isolation Rooms, Wards and Labs

Multi-Building Sanitization – Social Distancing

The CDC recommends companies sanitize work environments several times a day. Keeping track of where each sanitization team member is and what they’ve cleaned can be difficult, but it’s a necessity to ensure nothing is missed. Team members may be in different parts of a building, or even in a different building all together. This is where a system in which a team can bring their (Your) own device (BYOD) so they don’t have to share equipment, can be a big difference maker. Mobile device communication applications can be implemented in facilities with a general Wi-Fi system and still connect to a redundant radio system or PBX phone system.

ulti-Building Sanitization – Social Distancing Featured Products:
Emergency Operation Centers

Building Construction – Social Distancing

Federal and State governments consider construction an essential business and therefore projects are allowed to continue during shelter in place orders. But that doesn’t mean that these projects are exempt from social distancing practices. A combination of wired and wireless devices can greatly enhance the safety of any operation. Users who need to be mobile can take advantage of wireless beltpacks or all-in-one headsets for hands free duplex communication. Users who can remain stationary utilize wired beltpacks to manage their job sites. Workers are not only able to practice social distancing with a hands free dedicated intercom system, but the inherent work efficiencies and physical safety clear communications brings to a typical construction project are extremely valuable.

Building Construction – Social Distancing Featured Products:

Cafeterias – Social Distancing

For workers in hospitals, labs, and other essential places of business, the cafeteria has now become an even more important part of the workplace, as outside restaurants are less accessible. Cafeteria staff need a way to communicate with each other while they work, even as they maintain social distance. This is where Clear-Com’s solutions come into play, including a lightweight hands-free wireless system or an app for mobile devices. Re-stocking, managing orders, and more becomes easier with a better communication systems between workers.

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Queue Management

Queue Management – Social Distancing

Limitations on building capacity are creating a need for queue management across the retail industry. Keeping lines moving and reassuring customers that the situation is being handled efficiently and with their safety in mind are key elements to ensure businesses remain strong. With a Clear-Com wireless system providing hands free, clear communication between in-store staff and queue management staff, lines can be managed efficiently and effectively, providing a better experience for the customers and employees.

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Curbside Retail

Curbside Retail – Social Distancing

With many retail operations now offering curbside pick-up options, it’s important for the curbside workers who are interfacing with customers to be able to seamlessly communicate order changes or timing updates, without any delays or interruptions, to the employees who are in the store picking the orders. As staff maintain social distance within the store, using a hands free communications system ensures efficiency of operations.

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