Social Distancing – Court Room


As social distancing takes hold in all walks of life, one of the activities that typically required close contact was in court room proceedings. Attorneys gather closely with their clients or associates to discuss legal strategy during a proceeding. At a distance of six feet apart, it can be difficult in a quiet court room to communicate your intent confidentially. Clear-Com’s solutions allow all parties, including court staff, to communicate in secrecy to their respective legal teams over an encrypted wireless system. The Judge can communicate directly to his staff and the Defense and Prosecution teams can communicate with each other, all without divulging details of their legal approach.

Application Notes

The Eclipse HX-Delta matrix frame with relevant cards can provide communications support for multiple court rooms in a facility. In this example, the court room staff have DX-121 wireless system running on a 2.4 GHz band. The WH220 All-in-One headsets allow hands-free duplex communication between the Judge, bailiff, court reporter and any other staff. The Defense and Prosecution teams are utilizing the 5 GHz FreeSpeak Edge system which uses AES256 encryption. The FSE beltpack sits in a mount so it can be used in a desktop situation – the beltpacks are positioned six feet apart. An HS-6 handset is attached to the beltpack so the team can whisper to each other confidentially.

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