Clear-Com has always focused on the people that use our products, endeavoring to providing the greatest support possible which includes our extensive training programs for Partners, End Users, and students. Our training programs are designed to ensure that our products are used to their fullest capabilities, even when we can’t be there to walk you through their functionality. Clear-Com is proud to offer online webinars, onsite custom training, and Factory training in our California and Cambridge, UK offices.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all Factory training sessions have been postponed.

Clear-Com can design onsite comprehensive training programs tailored to your needs. Onsite training is scheduled based on your specific request and may require additional fees.

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Clear-Com offers regularly scheduled webinars and factory training sessions.These trainings focus on: wired, wireless, IP communications and/or signal transport solutions.

Training Schedule

Clear-Com is committed to the next generation of professionals and regularly works closely with Universities and Associations to offer training to up-and-coming audio professionals. These trainings are designed to a build a strong future for our industry.

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