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Things to Expect In the World of Live Sound


Mark Farmer, Live Sound Engineer with Live Technologies Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, created an interesting list of things to expect in the world of live sound. Some of them include:

The security or the parking lot attendant will give you a hard time.

I know every year for the last nine years I have been given a hard time, by parking directors, at one particular seventeen-day event…I have had my car towed about four times in the last 14 years at events.

“Jimmy” will come and tell you his brother plays guitar in a band.

This is a classic moment in the world of live sound. “Jimmy” proceeds to ramble on about how his brother is the greatest living guitar player since Chuck Berry and his band plays great versions of, Back in Black and early Ozzy.

The power will go out.

The convention center electrician forgot to tie you in on a separate service from the lighting or forgot to put spare fuses in the electric closet. It seems inevitable that no matter the precautions taken, the electric gremlins will have your power for dinner. I have experienced this at a few high-pressure events over the years and it will take one or two of your nine lives away from anyone.

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