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Wired Comms

June 26, 2018

an existing wired intercom of either PL type or a more comprehensive Matrix type. Read more


a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is not a technical term. However, the Alliance has generally enforced its use to describe only a narrow range of connectivity technologies including... Read more


a communications system where the path is the same for both talk and listen. in intercom channels, there are two wires (one path). Two-wire systems can be two-wire balanced or... Read more

TW Radios

an acronym for Two-Way Radios or otherwise called Walkie-Talkies. Read more

Time Domain Multiple Access (TDMA)

in older analog intercom systems, each beltpack, as well as the base station, had their own individual frequencies. This was easy to engineer, but very spectrally inefficient and very susceptible... Read more

Time-Division Multiplex (TDM)

a technique of putting multiple data streams in a signal by separating the signal into many segments, each having a very short duration. Each individual stream is reassembled at the... Read more

Stage Announce (SA)

typically a voice page made over a loudspeaker. In wired and wireless intercom, when an SA control is pressed, either at a base station or an assignable beltpack, the user's... Read more

Spread Spectrum

modulation techniques have become more common in recent years. Spread spectrum enables a signal to be transmitted across a frequency band that is much wider than the minimum bandwidth required... Read more
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