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User Review: CC-70 Headset


Jason Crystal is an Associate Sound Designer working on Broadway shows including Hamilton and TINA: The Tina Turner Musical. Jason recently consulted with Live X on their livestream broadcasts of the Democratic National Convention and the 2020 New Year’s Eve Times Square event. Read on for Jason’s thoughts after test-driving Clear-Com’s latest CC-70 headset at the Live X studio for the New Year’s gig:

“I find the CC-70 quite comfortable, in part because it is incredibly lightweight. With long workdays (I’ve been wearing this headset for 10 hours straight), the weight of the headset really makes a difference. I also like how the gooseneck mic molds to my face.

The wrap-around design minimizes conflict with wearing a mask, whether the mask straps are over the ear or around the head. Although I don’t imagine masks were a factor considered when first designed, the headset’s compatibility while wearing a mask is useful during these times!

The sound is great – better than many standard headsets because the driver is in the earbud. I’ve been wearing this headset for a day and a half and no one has complained about my mic quality. I’ve never been a Bring Your Own Headset sort of person, but this one will definitely stick around in the toolkit.”

You can read more about the CC-70 headset here. Once again, we thank Jason Crystal and our friends at Live X for their continued partnership with Clear-Com!

Jason Crystal is the Associate Sound Designer for Broadway productions such as the award-winning Hamilton and TINA: The Tina Turner Musical.

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