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Professional Intercom. Hmmm.

Do I want wired or wireless? What kind of RF interference should I expect? How many users can it support? What kind of cabling does it need? Where do I place my antennas? What do I REALLY need and where do I start? The list goes on and on and on……… 

We, at Clear-Com, decided to have our experts de-mystify anything and everything related to professional intercom right here and now. Consider this your one-stop-shop for the information you need to create the best audio solution for your application. You can browse by topic, most popular post, or click on the suggestions tab to submit topic ideas. Help us to help you!

So what exactly is on this blog?

– Glossary of Industry Terms

– Links to Industry Resources

– Learn about Intercom Basics

– Wired Solutions

– Wireless Solutions

– Educational Videos

– Clear-Com Product Information

– Basic Clear-Com Information

– and so much more!!

Welcome to Clear-Com’s new COMM ‘n Sense blog!

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