HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline Intercom System

HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline Intercom System

The HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline Intercom System delivers intuitive and familiar workflows of Clear-Com’s analog partyline in a networked intercom system. Built on 50+ years of Clear-Com’s heritage and experience with the elegantly simple analog partyline systems, HelixNet is a next generation partyline intercom system for users requiring fast setups, effortless management, scalability, deployment quality and adaptability to traditional and modern cabling infrastructure without interference from channel crosstalk, noise or buzzes.

Powered by Clear-Com’s advanced I.V.Core® technology, developed to provide efficient and easy-to-use partyline mixing on Ethernet networks. Invisible to the user, I.V.Core continuously analyzes voice activity, talk and listen levels through the system routing relevant audio packages to user stations and interfaces for optimal bandwidth utilization and listening experience. Mixing and processing power is dynamically added to the system with each user station and interface in real-time, allowing the system to expand without the need of additional cards, routing or configuration – just like analog partyline.

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Products In Family

Main Stations

Combined System Master and User Station

Rackmount User Station

Flush-mount or Desktop Speaker Station

Digital Audio Wired Beltpack

Interface Modules for HelixNet Main Stations: 2-Wire, 4-Wire, Ethernet and Fiber

Central Control and Monitoring of HelixNet

Simple HelixNet System

HMS-4X main station is the master of any HelixNet system connecting to user stations via Ethernet networks or via XLR Powerlines. Powerlines allow connectivity using standard 3-pin XLR cables, daisy-chained or split passively with all channels. User stations are powered via Powerlines, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or local power. HLI modules provide 2-wire partyline and 4-wire ports.

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HelixNet Linking and Expansion

Multiple HelixNet main stations can be linked directly via category cables, fiber or over Ethernet network switches. HMS-4X linking seamlessly shares all channels and Program Audio while expanding and distributing Powerlines and module capacity. Remote and main stations may be expanded to modularly provide users access to a higher number of channels.

Featured HelixNet Products:

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HelixNet LQ Series Integration

LQ Series devices can be linked to any HelixNet system providing higher density interfacing of 2-wire partyline and 4-wire line level ports. Adding LQ provides additional capability enhancements to HelixNet to interface two-way radios, VoIP SIP telephony, Eclipse HX systems with E-IPA and/or IVC32 cards and the Agent-IC mobile app for Android and iOS.

Featured HelixNet Products:

Other Featured Products:

Market Applications

Leveraging multiple studios and production spaces with minimal set-up and integration time is becoming more common. Adding more resources to the production’s intercom is also increasing. This makes the HelixNet Digital Partyline a perfect fit – the HelixNet system can support up to 24 PL channels over both traditional intercom cable and/or IP networks and provide low-latency communication anywhere the internet is available.

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