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Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client

Station-IC is a virtual desktop client that provides a scalable intercom user station on WindowsOS and MacOS computers. Connecting to Eclipse HX IP-capable matrices or LQ Series IP Interfaces, Station-IC provides access to the system’s resources which can include one-to-one, one-to-many, partyline, ISO and IFB communication in addition to call signals and logic controls. Individual keyset listening levels help users focus on specific channels while monitoring others. All of this functionality can be tailored to each user to create an efficient intercom user station.


Why Choose Station-IC?

Efficient Operation for Multitasking

Station-IC’s ergonomic, easy-to-use interface is designed for familiarity and consistency with other user stations. Station-IC’s large Talk and Listen buttons with individual level control allow operation with mouse and touchscreens. The window can be scaled to fit the screen and shows input and output audio meters. Station-IC’s always-on-top compact mode keeps favorite intercom keys in the smallest window, while working on other applications. Favorite keys can be designated by the user, without administrator involvement, ensuring notifications of incoming calls and Eclipse reply / LQ call keys are always visible.

Robust Technological Foundation

Station-IC uses mission specific audio codecs designed to operate over LAN, WAN and Internet network connections of various quality. Clear-Com’s legendary IP connectivity, drastically minimizes efforts required for network management and routing. Station-IC connects to the host Eclipse HX matrix via the E-IPA/IVC-32 card or to any LQ series Interface device with available capacity.

Event and Subscription License Options

Station-IC is licensed per computer using either Event or Subscription licenses. Event licenses enable effortless licensing for one week or one month duration from the time of first connection and are ideal for short-term surge capacity and rental applications while Subscription licenses are for ongoing requirements at the lowest daily cost. Subscription license expiration is clearly displayed to users in the last month of the subscription. Licenses can load multiple subscription extensions on a single computer for extended duration. License Tickets allow license owners to retrieve and transfer subscription licenses.

Integrates into any Intercom System

Station-IC fully integrates into Eclipse systems with available IP port capacity while LQ offers Channel based routing with a wide variety of LQ interfaces allowing Station-IC to connect to Clear-Com’s Encore Partyline systems, TW Partyline, HelixNet, Two-Way radios, SIP telephone lines and to any other intercom system via four-wire.

Small Budget Production with Partyline and Wireless

For many smaller production facilities, wireless communication or additional endpoint positions are typically out of reach as many systems can be difficult to fit into a finite budget. But with some device creativity, schools, small churches and theatres can put together a wireless system that will greatly enhance their capability to manage their productions. A set of analog wired positions, a Windows or MacOS computer combined with an Android or iOS mobile devices gives anyone a viable wireless system. Featured Products: Station-IC for LQ Series Agent-IC for LQ Series LQ-2W2 RS-703

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Communication for Stadium Operations

The Eclipse HX-Delta matrix frame carries point-to-point communication over network gigabit switches to individual panels at static positions. The LQ Series IP interface extends communication to 3rd party communication devices like IP phones and two-way radios. The E-IPA network card also allows for eight licenses each of the Agent-IC mobile app and the Station-IC desktop client. Agent-IC works on any iOS or leading Android device – it gives users a multi-channel virtual panel that can take a signal from Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G transmitters. Station-IC functions on any device running Windows or MacOS. The addition of FreeSpeak Edge to the system allows for mobile staff to communicate from anywhere in the arena. Featured Products: Station-IC for LQ Series Agent-IC for LQ Series Eclipse-HX Delta

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