Agent-IC Mobile App for Eclipse HX

Agent-IC Mobile App for Eclipse HX

  • Mobile App for Remote Intercom Access
  • Turns smartphone or tablet devices and select wearables into fully-featured mobile user panels
  • Connects over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and LTE networks
  • Up to 32 clients on a single IVC-32-HX interface card
  • Up to 64 clients on a single E-IPA-HX interface card
  • No external server required
  • Password controlled access to Eclipse HX system with secure audio encryption
  • Agent-IC licenses allocated on demand by matrix using a floating licensing scheme
  • Free app download via Apple iTunes or App Store for iOS devices or via Google Playstore for Android devices
  • Version 8.0 or higher for iOS; Version 5.0 or higher, including select wearables for Android

New Release:

Version 2.5 allows up to 24 keys on I-Pad devices with a screen size larger than 10″ – these models are noted below:

  • iPad Pro (10.5 inch & 12.9 inch versions)
  • iPad Air  3rd Generation
  • iPad 7th Generation


Download the free App from Apple App Store or Google Playstore to test Agent-IC on your iOS or Android devices before you purchase.

iOS Devices:

Android Devices:

Note: Mobile and wearable devices are not included with Agent-IC client licenses. One or more unallocated client licenses is required.
Item Part Number:
  • Agent-IC

Technical Specifications

Platforms Supported

Designed to operate on all smartphone and tablet devices
iOS Version: 8.0 or higher
EHX Version: 8.5 or higher

Designed to operate on the latest smartphone and tablet devices.
Download the free app from Google Playstore to test specific make and model.
Android Version: 5.0 or higher
EHX Version: 8.5 or higher

Keys Per Page

Auto-adjusts to specific device screen size and resolution.
Range: 4+ Reply Keys (smaller smartphones) to 23+ Reply Keys (iPad Pro)


Audio Codec: G.722 (7.4 K/Hz audio bandwidth)
Audio Encryption: AES-128
Local Mix Level Control: Yes
Mic Mute and LS Cut: Yes
Communication Modes: Partyline, Conference, Point-to-Point, IFB, ISO, etc.


Type: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE (as available on device)
IP Bandwidth: 140kb/s, bi-directional per client (with silence suppressiondisabled)
Silence Suppression: Optional
Ports Required: 1
Port Number: Default 6001 (configurable)
DNS Support: Yes
Minimum Latency: Varies depending on device make and model


Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes
Speakerphone Mode: Yes
Background Operation: Yes
Presence Indication: Yes, for other Agent-IC clients
Call Signaling: Yes
Reply Key Support
International Character Set
Arabic, Cyrillic, Hangeul, Hebrew, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana

Hardware Requirements Software Requirements
Eclipse HX System Frame:
– Eclipse HX-Delta
– Eclipse HX-Median
– Eclipse HX-Omega
EHX v8.5 or higher
IVC-32-HX Card EHX v8.5 or higher
E-IPA-HX Card EHX v10 or higher
iOS Device
(iPad, iPhone, iPod, iWatch)
iOS 8.0 or higher
Android Device
(tablets, smartphones, smartwatch)
Android 5.0 or higher
Download Agent-IC App from Apple Store
Download Agent-IC App from Google Store
Need to provide host Eclipse HX Dongle ID (Hardware ID) with order


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