On-Air Announcer Console

  • Broadcast quality mic preamp with Jensen™ output transfer
  • Talent talk-back circuit automatically mutes mic output to air
  • Silent mic mute button for cough and mic on/off functions
  • Easily adapts for use with any mic or headset
  • Quick and simple set up using standard XLR mic cable
  • Wide range, high-output headphone amplifier
  • Binaural headset output allows talent to hear stereo program, IFB and/or intercom
  • IFB input accepts either unbalanced program or powered IFB
  • Interfaces with intercom and IFB systems
  • Powered by the intercom line, IFB line or external DC source
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The AB-120 Announcer Console is a compact desktop unit designed specifically for sports, live-event broadcasting and voice-over work. The AB-120 integrates all the inputs, outputs and controls necessary at the announce position, including intercom, IFB and a silent “Mic Mute” button that provides noise-free “Cough” and “Mic on/off” switching

Note: Access the Encore Power Supply Calculator to estimate power requirements for analog partyline systems.

Technical Specifications

dBu is an absolute measurement. 0dBu is referenced to 0.775 volts RMS

Headset Microphone Input

Input Type: Dynamic, Electret
Input Impedance: 1kΩ
Max Input Level: -60dBu to -40dBu switchable

Headset Output

Load Impedance: >= 4Ω
Output Impedance: 47Ω
Output Limiter Threshold: -4dBu, + 3dB
Max Output Level Before Distortion: -4dBu

Partyline Output

Off Noise: <-80dBu
Output Impedance: >10kΩ
Maximum Output: -4dBu

Partyline Input

Maximum Level Before Clipping: +3dBu
Sidetone Null Capability: >25dB

Frequency Response

Dynamic Mic – Partyline: 40Hz – 22kHz, + 3dB
Dynamic Mic – Line Out: 20Hz – 22kHz, + 3dB
Dynamic Mic – 4-Wire Out: 100Hz – 22kHz, + 3dB
IFB Input – Headset Out: 100Hz – 22kHz, + 3dB
Partyline – Headset Out: 150Hz – 22kHz, + 3dB

Max Distortion

Dynamic Mic – Partyline: <0.1%
Dynamic Mic – Line Out: <0.05%
IFB Input – Headset Out: <0.5%
Partyline – Headset Out: <0.1%


Dynamic Mic – Partyline: <-75dBu
Dynamic Mic – Line Out: <-85dBu
IFB Input – Headset Out: <-65dBu
Partyline – Headset Out: <-65dBu

Max Gain

Dynamic Mic – Partyline: 41dB + 3dB
Dynamic Mic – Hot Mic Out: 40dB + 3dB
IFB Input – Headset Out: 40dB/22dB (switchable) + 3dB
Partyline – Headset Out: 34dB + 3dB

Rear Panel Connectors

Headset: XLR-6F-Switchcraft pin layout*
Compatible with balanced microphone headsets such as CC-400-X6.
Microphone Out: XLR-3M
Intercom: XLR-3M/F
Power: 2.1mm jack

Front Panel Controls and Indicators

(1) Mute button
(1) Mute indicator LED (red)
(1) Talk back button
(1) Talk back indicator LED (green)
(1) Interrupt level control
(1) Non-Interrupt level control


Intercom/IFB Voltage: 25 – 30V DC
Current: 100mA idle, 120mA max
DC Adapter: 100 – 240V
Voltage: 30V @ 0.5A


32˚ – + 122˚F (0˚ – + 50˚C)


6 x 3 x 8in (WxHxD)
(152 x 76 x 203mm)


2.0lbs (0.9kg)

*IMPORTANT: XLR Connector Compatibility
Clear-Com products featuring 6-pin XLR connectors utilize the Switchcraft XLR pin layout. Compatible connectors are available from manufacturers, such as Switchcraft and Neautrik, yet compatibility must be verified. Neutrik 6-pin XLR connectors must include “S” in the part number to ensure compatibility.

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