V-Series IrisX 12-key 1RU Pushbutton Expansion Panel

  • TFT displays for quick and easy key differentiation
  • AES67 low latency audio IP connections to Eclipse HX matrix frames via E-IPA-HX card
  • Individual key menus help ease of use and assignment
  • Individual up/down audio level controls for personal mixes
  • Color-coded keys for easily identifiable color tallies
  • Vertical font display option
  • Fast key assign from pre-defined scroll lists
  • Optional repositioning of Reply key
  • Optional additional Reply key for busy positions
  • International 10-character alpha-numeric fonts: Cyrillic, Hangul, Kanji, Katakana and Arabic
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio routing, Dynamics, IFB routing and local loudpseaker dimming
  • Built-in Interfaces: Matrix (direct connect), Matrix (Ethernet/IP), GPIO, Aux Audio, 2nd Headset
  • Multi-channel Matrix Connections: Direct connect (1 main + 2 aux), IP (3 channels)
  • “Listen Again” function to replay calls up to 5 mins
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The V-Series IrisX Pushbutton panels are user control panels that operate in conjunction with the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Systems. Pushbutton panels feature one display window per key. For each key, a red tally light indicates Talk only, green indicates Listen only and amber is for both Talk and Listen. A special mode provides dual Talk/Listen with a latchable Listen and momentary Talk on one button.

With IrisX panel’s IP capability, users can connect via AES67 or with Clear-Com’s AoIP I.V. as well as connecting locally via 4-wire connection. Core protocol. Using an E-IPA-HX card, users can deploy up to 64 panels in an AES67-based network. IrisX panels also have a dual NIC connection which allows for seamless communication, even if the primary IP network fails.

Technical Specifications

Front Panel Controls & Connectors
Talk/Listen Switches: 12(Expansion)

Rear Panel Connectors
Host Panel: RJ45

Operating: +32º – +113º F (0º – +45º C)
Storage: +32º – +150º F (0º – +70º C)
Humidity: Between 20% and 90%,

19 x 1.76 x 6.42 in (WxHxD)
(483 x 44 x 163 mm)

3.5 lbs (1.58 kg)

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