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DH Marketing Technology Expo
July 28 - 29, 2014  Irving, TX

AUVSI San Diego

Dates TBD  San Diego, CA

Tinker and the Primes
Aug. 18-20, 2014  Midwest City, OK

SWAT Round Up International
Nov 11 - 13, 2014 Orlando, FL
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Clear-Com Intercoms for Military, Aerospace and Government

Today’s military, aerospace and government personnel expect more advanced functionality from communication systems as they engage in an extensive range of operations. Clear-Com's unmatched intercom solutions, including partyline, digital matrix, wireless intercoms, and intercom-over-IP conferencing software, are used in test and evaluation, command and control, and training and simulation applications across the globe.

Not only are Clear-Com intercoms used by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Homeland Security and every major U.S. government contractor, but also for space and missile defense programs as well as at missile test ranges and ground control stations for unmanned aircraft systems. Clear-Com delivers the right mix of experience, competencies and flexibility to work with customers seeking to perform at the highest level.

Technical Resources: Case Studies, Application Diagrams and Market Brochure

Learn how different Clear-Com intercoms connect with one another to provide an effective communications infrastructure. These application diagrams, case studies and market brochure demonstrate proven examples of how Clear-Com's intercoms have successfully enabled customers to have clear and reliable communications for applications of any size and complexity.
Military, Aerospace and Government Case Studies

Private Company Makes History and Changes the Future of Space Travel with the Help of Intercom-over-IP
Clear-Com Concert equips Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) with ground-breaking communication capabilities that optimize teamwork and coordination during spaceflight activities while minimizing travel requirements.
Read SpaceX case study.

Jacobs Engineering: Voice Communication Solution Optimizes Work Environment for Rotorcraft Testing Team at NASA
The Jacobs Engineering Team, contracted by the United States Air Force, relies on Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median frame, V-Series panels, and CellCom wireless beltpacks to maintain contact, coordinate intricate procedures, and streamline operations.
Military, Aerospace and Government Application Diagrams

Create an AutoCAD system diagram with the following product icons:
Military, Aerospace and Government Brochure

Intercom Solutions for Military, Aerospace and Government
For over 40 years, Clear-Com’s intercom solutions have led the industry with high quality communications that meet the critical needs of the military, aerospace and government. Internationally recognized for the reliability and innovation of its voice communication systems, Clear-Com has been deployed in over 100 countries worldwide and has improved collaboration, bolstered high productivity and even transformed work environments.

Handbook on Public Safety Communication

Changing the Way You Communicate
This comprehensive handbook contains useful information on Clear-Com's background, sales team and partners, an explanation of Clear-Com products for public safety, application diagrams, customer examples, and a glossary of intercom, two-way radio and interfacing terms.

Featured Industry News Article and Video

X-56A: Breaking the Flutter Barrier
The X-56A Multi-utility Aeroelastic Demonstration (MAD) is an innovative modular unmanned air vehicle designed to test active flutter suppression and gust load alleviation. The operations crew in the MAD program relies on Clear-Com's Eclipse matrix intercoms to coordinate the launch and piloting of X-56A aircraft whether they are at the ground control station (GCS) or on the runway.

Photo Credit: Lockheed Martin Corporation

FDA Relies on Broadcast-Quality Intercoms
The Food and Drug Administration produces a range of network-quality informational programming at the FDA Television Studio in Gaithersburg, Md. To do its job properly, the studio has a full range of broadcast-quality equipment, including Clear-Com's Eclipse matrix system.
Read Article on the FDA's positive experience with Clear-Com.

Close-up Look at Drone Surveillance
Border Protection Predator® pilots and sensor operators use Clear-Com’s Eclipse matrix intercom systems. The i-series stations have been part of the Predator program almost since its inception.

 ®Predator is a registered trademark of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

SpaceX Dragon Returns from First Commercial Mission (by Gizmag)
History’s first commercial space mission ended as SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft returned to Earth. Clear-Com's Concert, an intercom-over-IP software, played a critical role as it enabled communication between staff to coordinate the space mission.
Read Article to uncover more information about this mission.

Technological Improvements Highlighted at Exhibit (by The Herald, Sierra Vista)
Clear-Com's advanced intercom systems captured the attention of many people at the AFCEA C4IST exhibition.
Read Article to find out about some of Clear-Com's major users in the market.

The Line on Intercom is Open (by Government Video)
Government professionals rely on Clear-Com's wired and wireless intercom solutions at video production facilities, ships, military bases, studios, military firing ranges, space program sites, missile defense system facilities, and maintenance fields for unmanned aircrafts.
Read Article to evaluate whether wired or wireless intercoms may be the best fit for your government facility.

Customer Stories

Clear-Com and Marlborough Communications Collaborate to Provide Best of Breed Comms Equipment for Military, Aerospace and Government Applications

Unmanned Systems Group Trusts Clear-Com for Critical Operations
More Stories

“We chose Clear-Com intercom systems for the products’ compatibility with our existing wired infrastructure. Also important was how the system addressed the growing needs of new and existing users.”
- Jean-Yves Buet, Chief of Service for Operational Infrastructure, CNES
“When we’re conducting tests, there’s a lot going on; we have rotor operators flying the helicopter, the wind tunnel operator controlling the speed of the tunnel and then our test director, who has to coordinate with all of them. It’s very important for him to be able to talk to anyone at anytime and be able to move around within the control room. Having the wireless capabilities that this intercom system provides is just what we needed.”
- Chris Hartley, Wind Tunnel Test Engineer, Jacobs Engineering
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