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Partyline Communications

Clear-Com’s foundational intercom system allows users to take advantage of a proven technical system with award-winning audio communication. The plug and play simplicity of connecting these devices enables users to be up and running in a matter of minutes. These wired and wireless intercom systems allow anyone of any ability to leverage the vast capabilities of intercom.

Why Choose Partyline Communications?

Intuitive plug-and-play design

Clear-Com Encore systems are easy to install and connect over standard, two-conductor shielded mic cables. HelixNet are equally deployable on both traditional and modern cabling infrastructure.

Full-duplex, hands-free communication

With full-duplex communication, there is no delay or waiting for any user to release the communication line. Clear-Com users can converse with any person on any given intercom channel(s). Operators have a full range of device options to remain hands-free from the intercom while on the job.

Superior Audio Clarity

Consistent audio level that does not fluctuate as users on different devices leave and join the system. Wide dynamic range and audio contouring enable the crystal clear audio known as the “Clear-Com Sound”. The beltpacks feature microphone preamp with a dynamic range of 130 db enables intelligible voice communication for every volume level.