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Matrix Solutions

Advanced Matrix intercom systems provide a high capacity of point-to-point audio routes to allow the greatest number of communication paths for individuals or groups. In many scenarios, individual or specific group audio routes which are both direct and private carry significant value over other types of group communications. Matrix frames can also be trunked together giving end-users the ability to scale their communications solution to extreme levels.

Why Choose Matrix Solutions?


Clear-Com’s matrix intercom solutions has the most comprehensive set of network distribution options and tools to configure and control your IP intercom system. Leveraging continued advances in IP technology and supporting the latest formats, users can easily and affordably place endpoints anywhere – across campus, across town, or across continents.

Integrated User Device Options

With Eclipse HX, Clear-Com supports all major formats including Dante, SMPTE 2110-30 and AES67. Users can also interface and leverage 3rd-party devices using LQ, SIP integration, and Virtual Intercom Clients like Gen-IC, Station-IC and Agent-IC.


Connect as many users as needed on Clear-Com’s networked 64-matrix system over multiple media types. With Eclipse HX high-density system frames, supported by user devices (hard-wired key panels, virtual intercom clients, beltpacks, and more), you can achieve an expensive networked connected over either 4-wire, trunked IP (Dante, AES67, and native), E1/T1, Fiber, CAT5, and/or MADI.