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Virtual Intercom Communications

Take advantage of Clear-Com's Virtual Intercom services for seamless communications for users with all levels of intercom proficiency. Learn more about how Gen-IC uses Agent-IC and Station-IC Virtual Clients, with optional LQ interfacing, to enable scalable, global communications with low latency, robustness and ease of use.

Why Choose Virtual Intercom Communications?

Intercom Anywhere

Gen-IC provides intercom communication through virtual clients available on mobile phones, tablets and computers. These clients can be used to communicate with each other anywhere in the world or can be connected to existing intercom on-site systems.


Gen-IC is unique in its ability to provide intercom communications for a team of two or a team of hundreds. The user can either communicate using virtual intercom clients only, or they can add their Gen-IC clients to an existing hardware-based system.


Clear-Com's virtual intercom clients are simple to deploy, configure and manage. Users with all levels of intercom knowledge and expertise can master the system quickly. No need for dedicated hardware or networking.