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FreeSpeak operates within the license-free 1.88GHz-1.93GHz* frequency band, away from the crowded frequency where other wireless devices operate. FreeSpeak combines DECT and wireless auto-roaming technologies to allow users to move freely without fading or losing communication connection.

FreeSpeak can operate as a standalone system, with up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks connected to one base station; as an integrated solution where beltpacks are seamlessly connected to a Matrix frame, up to 40 user connections can be achieved. Active Antennas can enable beltpack-to-base station distance range up to 3,200ft (1,000m). The system has 4-wire and partyline intercom connectivity, program feed input, stage announce, IFB, up to 5 wireless partyline groups and partyline call alert functionality. [The FreeSpeak brand is Not sold in USA and Canada.]

*exact frequency range depends upon country

Last Time Buy - To be replaced by FreeSpeak II.
FreeSpeak 1.88GHz-1.93GHz band digital wireless basestation (Not sold in USA or Canada)
FreeSpeak 1.88GHz-1.93GHz band digital wireless Mark II beltpack (Not sold in USA or Canada)
FreeSpeak 5-way Battery Clip Charger
FreeSpeak Accessories
Beltpack-case, Beltpack-strap, Beltpack-loop, Beltpack-clip

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