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A Special Message From Our CEO for Women’s History Month


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March is Women’s History Month, a time to honor the women who have made important sacrifices and contributions to society in both the past and present. Each year, a different theme is named for the celebration that is chosen by the National Women’s History Alliance. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”

Clear-Com’s CEO Mitzi Dominguez is passionate about empowering women, particularly in the technology industry. In her role as President of HME and CEO of Clear-Com, Mitzi continues to set the tone for people around her to grow and learn.

“Women’s History Month is an opportunity to celebrate and remember the great accomplishments of women throughout the world – we are the backbone of our societies. It’s an opportunity to inspire young women through both our history as well as with current woman leaders of our times.

I have had the privilege of experiencing the evolution of women in the workforce, specifically in the ‘Tech World’ – the way they (we) have been able to bring about change and transformation to a male-dominated workforce, by their natural tendency to be more transformational and servient leaders. This is only the beginning for women in the workforce: the ability to create an inspiring work environment, open collaboration, and more authentic communications provides an outlet for innovation, strategic thinking, and challenging the status quo. It’s our responsibility to women to continue to empower them and support them through their careers and life journeys – we must continue to pay it forward.”

Mitzi has been at HME for over 35 years and CEO of Clear-Com since it was acquired in 2010. She holds a BA in Economics, with a minor in Business Management from San Diego State University. She was recently awarded the Special Recognition Award from Rise, Women in Broadcast.