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Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad Deploys Clear-Com's Intercom Solution


Committee selects Clear-Com’s flexible and reliable intercom solutions for two international events

Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand and the global leader of trusted intercom solutions, today announced that the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad agreed to deploy Clear-Com’s live audio communications for the International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF) 2006 Qingdao International Regatta and the International Softball Federation’s (ISF) XI Women’s Fast Pitch World Championship in Beijing, China. Clear-Com’s comprehensive intercom solutions were used to support production-wide communications at these two large-scale events.

The Beijing International Sailing Federation’s intercom deployment included the Eclipse®-32 Matrix system along with an i-station intercom panel, TW-60 radio interface module, IMF-102 interface frame and the CCI Party-line products. Designed to simplify intercom communications, Clear-Com’s components provided the event’s staff with the flexibility to easily expand and configure their audio systems according to their operational needs. For instance, utilizing the Eclipse digital matrix intercom system, along with the TW-60 radio interface enabled the game’s managers, directors and operators to connect their two-way walkie-talkie systems throughout the entire area, where the regatta was held. Moreover, incorporation of the PTX-2 IFB transmitters ensured crystal-clear communications between director and announcer.

Testament to Clear-Com’s approach towards flexible functionality, the International Softball Federation’s XI Women’s Fast Pitch World Championship used Clear-Com’s most advanced Party-line intercom system, the MS-440 in conjunction with the KB-211 2-channel speaker station to manage the event’s communications between the game’s directors, announcers and scorekeepers.

“The intense demands placed on the flawless execution of an event of such magnitude requires an unwavering intercom communications backbone that offers the highest levels of reliability and scalability as well as support for multiple interface modules,” said Matt Danilowicz, managing director of Vitec Group Communications. “The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad chose Clear-Com’s solutions for its product excellence, superb reputation and superior quality.”

Clear-Com’s Eclipse-32 Matrix intercom offered the regatta’s production and organizational staff with up to 32 input/output ports for full-duplex connections with panels and external lines, plus the ability to intelligently link up to other Eclipse-32 or Eclipse-208 matrices – all in a one rack unit chassis. The event’s staff enjoyed transparently interfacing with telephones, two-way radios, camera and two-wire intercoms, four-wire devices and audio sources. The system also employed a redundant power supply for guaranteed reliability and added peace of mind. The Eclipse-32 matrix system used in concert with Clear-Com’s Party-line beltpack interface offered all ISAF event staff the capability to communicate with each other, simultaneously, on a given channel. Attached to each beltpack were noise-attenuating headsets and noise-canceling microphones, which were combined with anti-side tone circuitry to reduce the pickup of acoustic noise and minimize feedback.

With a single Clear-Com MS-440 intercom system, the International Softball Federation was able to provide each of the event’s management stations with its own four-channel intercom, ensuring superior audio quality and versatile channel access. This system, also, incorporated a redundant “failsafe” power supply ensuring constant readiness and reliability. This unsurpassed flexibility provided easy integration and enabled the production, scoring and field staff of the Women’s Fast Pitch World Championships to communicate quickly and seamlessly.