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China's 'Han Show' Uses Clear-Com Intercoms to Coordinate Death-Defying Performances


Eclipse HX-Median, HelixNet and FreeSpeak II keep multiple artists, acrobats, and divers safe during ambitious live shows

Wuhan Wanda Dragone Entertainment Co. Ltd., co-owned by China’s Beijing Wanda Cultural Industry Group and The Dragone Group, has selected Clear-Com® wired and wireless intercom systems to control the live production of The Han Show, which takes place in Wuhan’s Red Lantern Theatre in China. This massive extravaganza is so big that it requires an astounding 632 intercom positions to manage it all, making it Clear-Com’s largest live performance installation in China to date.
Featuring 95 artists, acrobats, and water divers performing awe-inspiring feats that are both beautiful and dangerous, The Han Show embodies the essence of China’s venerable Han culture in a live multimedia spectacular directed and staged by Cirque du Soleil alumni Franco Dragone of The Dragone Group.
To ensure that The Han Show’s flying, dancing, and diving entertainers are properly managed at all times — including during massive effects such as the swing-back of the lower audience stands to reveal a large diving pool – The Han Show has installed two Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Median digital intercom matrices equipped with IVC-32 IP-channel/port and E-FIB-HX fiber optic cards; eight sets of HelixNet partyline intercom equipment, and six sets of FreeSpeak II wireless intercoms with 30 wireless beltpacks. The engineering team responsible for the installation was led by Wei Zenglai.
“The most important function of The Han Show’s Clear-Com intercom system is to coordinate and synchronize each participant’s performance, to ensure that the show runs safely and smoothly,” said Sam Su, the head of the audio department for Wuhan Wanda Dragone Entertainment. “The combination of the two Eclipse HX-Median matrices, HelixNet partyline and FreeSpeak II wireless intercoms covers 632 user positions within the entire theatre.”
For maximum connectivity, The Han Show’s intercom systems have integrated the Clear-Com intercom system’s IP and wireless capabilities with the two Eclipse HX-Median digital matrices. The resulting system allows the show’s stage managers to quickly reach whichever combination of technicians they need to cue or alert at the push of a preset button. The intercom system even provides communications to the divers working in the show’s pool.
“We chose Clear-Com intercom systems because they are based on mature, reliable technology that offers room for growth as required,” said Mr. Su. “The flexibility of the system means we can create new talk groups as required. We also appreciate the beltpack’s audio record/playback function that allows users to replay instructions received via the FreeSpeak II, and the high audio quality of the headset and microphone which enables clear understanding of each communication.”
“The intercoms have operated without problems for The Han Show from the very start of our run. That’s the kind of top-level performance a spectacular like The Han Show requires every single day,” added Mr. Su.
“It is an honor to enable the performance of The Han Show, which has rightly been called ‘The World’s Top Stage Show’ due to the complexity and artistry of its content,” said Jeffrey Wu, Clear-Com’s Regional Sales Manager and Chief Representative in China. “This is a true celebration of the majesty and depth of Han culture, and we are proud to be playing a key role in bringing it to the world stage.”