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Clear-Com Concert is Nordico Energy's Newest Communication Pipeline




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Gas energy brokerage uses Concert for staff communications across the globe

COCKEYSVILLE, MARYLAND, NOVEMBER 11, 2009Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, is pleased to announce that its Concert™ software-based intercom has unlocked the key to reliable, high-quality communications for Nordico Energy LLC Maryland, an international energy brokerage business based outside Baltimore, Maryland. Employees of the firm, which specializes in Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) derivatives, employ Concert to discuss and conduct brokerage transactions across six offices located throughout the United States and the world.

Nordico Energy’s Concert configuration includes a 10-license Concert package, with the server software installed at the company’s headquarters in Cockeysville, Maryland. To gain access to their company’s Concert communications environment, employees located remotely from the headquarters simply downloaded the Concert software onto their computers. Within minutes, they were ready to communicate with their colleagues around the world. The system is now in use on average 10 hours a day, by six different offices and eight brokers. The only extra equipment needed is inexpensive desktop receivers and microphones. This setup is a giant leap forward from Nordico Energy’s previous setup, which mostly comprised instant messaging and consumer-grade Voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications.

“Since installing the Clear-Com Concert, we’ve found the speed, clarity and inter-company understanding to have improved immensely,” says Nordico Energy Partner Jim Oakes.  “We are now able to hear and understand what everyone is doing in the worldwide offices as they carry on client conversations and other business, something we could not always do with our previous setup, due to reliability issues. Concert is a true asset to our business.”

Nordico Energy staff workers found Concert to be a major improvement in sound quality, ease-of-use and accessibility over other (VoIP) technologies on the market.  At the heart of Concert is Clear-Com’s revolutionary I.V.Core technology, which sets it apart from traditional VoIP systems.  Unlike VoIP systems, I.V.Core mixes and encodes IP packets at the client-end of the application, not within the server, minimizing any potential audio latency.  I.V.Core also utilizes intelligent routing, which distributes audio efficiently and allows for a large number of users with limited bandwidth and network load.  I.V.Core utilizes adaptive codecs, which can scale between 30 to 90 kps per connection. Furthermore, it offers multiple codec choices for wideband audio clarity and quality (7 – 10 Khz).

“Concert is ideal for a company like Nordico Energy, which requires fast, easily accessible and consistently intelligible communications,” says Patrick Menard, Director of Worldwide Sales, Concert, for Clear-Com Communications. “Because of these qualities, we’re seeing an accelerating uptake of Concert in the corporate sector.  These businesses are realizing that voice communication systems such as Concert, designed for professional-grade intercommunication, provide more clarity and reliability than VoIP systems, which are best suited for one-on-one communications.”