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Clear-Com Introduces COMduit AV Signal Transport & Conversion for Remote Productions


COMduit, using Clear-Com IP audio and BroaMan fiber video signal transport and conversion solutions, will be demonstrated at the SVG College Summit in Atlanta

SVG COLLEGE SUMMIT, ATLANTA                                                       


Clear-Com®, the leader in real-time communications and connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce COMduit — a fiber based solution for audio and video transport between booth, field, production truck and any other remote location. The COMduit solution provides a template for a range of products needed for remote broadcast production. The solution is based around BroaMan’s MUX-22 signal multiplexer, Clear-Com’s ProGrid audio and video transport products, and Clear-Com's LQ for intercom over IP. Users simply implement the products they need to solve their specific remote production AV transport requirements.

“Clear-Com IP and BroaMan create an easy integration and control between the two companies’ leading audio and video solutions,” said Simon Browne, Vice President of Product Management, Clear-Com. “These fiber transport template solutions provide truly integrated transport and distribution solutions for video, audio, intercom and data for broadcast remote truck to field and announce booths — with the simplicity and low latency of fiber.”

Clear-Com will debut and demonstrate a COMduit-designed remote production solution at the Sports Video Group’s College Summit in Atlanta on May 30-June 1. The demonstration solution is built into three flight cases and supports fiber transmission for a typical remote sports or news broadcast, or any other situation that uses dark fiber between multiple sites. The cases, named ‘Truck,’ ‘Booth’ and ‘Field’ only require electric power and two duplex single-mode fiber cables. The BroaMan devices are configured so that multiple fiber and IP networks are multiplexed for transport using a single duplex fiber cable; one cable from Truck to Booth, and one from Truck to Field.

Rom Rosenblum, Application Engineer, Clear-Com, explains further: “All the required signals are transmitted and received over those two connections; eight channels of HD video, up to 768 channels of audio, and a copper-based network of LQ devices with multiple Clear-Com or RTS intercom connections. These various networks are combined using the multiplexing abilities of the BroaMan products with the Optocore audio network optically multiplexed with the video point-to-point connections, and the Ethernet networks embedded in the same. The system is designed to support multiple announcers with IFB, cue, video preview, audio mix, timecode, control GPIO and any other audio feeds as required.”


These solutions, together with a wide range of Clear-Com’s own leading communication systems, will also be available for demonstration on Booth C656 at InfoComm 2018, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from June 2-8, 2018.