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Clear-Com® Expands its FreeSpeak® Wireless Intercom Solution at The Hospital


London’s leading creative community broadens its communication coverage with FreeSpeak wireless intercom system

The Hospital is one of the London media community’s most important creative resources. Housed in the former St Paul’s Hospital in Covent Garden, The Hospital offers film, television, music and other media professionals access to a state of the art 60,000sq ft creative hub with a range of production facilities. This includes a fully equipped High Definition television studio which was fitted with a Clear-Com digital matrix system and FreeSpeak® wireless intercom systems. The scalability of this system has enabled The Hospital to simply expand the original network to meet increased demand.

Clear-Com® provided our original intercom solution when The Hospital was set up in 2003 and was operating Europe’s first HD TV studio,” explained Paul Daniels, Head of Engineering & Operations. “Now, as part of a recent upgrade of studio facilities at the beginning of 2007, we’ve expanded the FreeSpeak system as well. This has enabled us to offer greater talkback coverage around the HD studio together with improved functionality and system reliability.”

Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak is the world’s first fully integrated, digital wireless intercom solution. It operates through a cellular network of active antenna, which can be placed anywhere around a studio or multiple studio complex, while still directly connected to a digital matrix. The digital transmission provides added value with unparalleled clarity compared to the analogue systems. This ensures the reduction of unwanted noise for the user. In this way, FreeSpeak is able to serve large wireless systems and can operate in complex locations like The Hospital, where line-of-sight communications are not practical.

Intelligent and individually programmable, the FreeSpeak belt pack offers a high level of functionally including caller privacy through point-to-point calls. Stylish and lightweight, the belt pack has a tough, high impact weather proof casing with up to 12 hours battery life. This makes it ideal for long shifts in the studio.

FreeSpeak delivers a highly flexible, reliable intercom system that opens up new communications opportunities for broadcast and production staff. This gives The Hospital full mobility whilst allowing close contact with colleagues throughout the studio complex.