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Korea's Expanding MBC Connects Multiple Sites with Clear-Com® Eclipse Omega


Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, is pleased to announce that Koreaís Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), has purchased 3 non-blocking and intelligently connected Eclipse® Omega digital matrix system frames together with over 200 intercom panels.

The Omega intercom frames are the largest in Clear-Coms Eclipse line. Since each Omega frame is capable of serving up to 240 ports, MBC, one of Koreaís four main broadcast networks, will have the capacity for its planned future growth.

Two of the Omega frames at MBC's main broadcast headquarters will be connected together via the Clear-Com E-FIB system that allows multiple intercom frames to be connected to each other via fiber optic cable. This fiber optic connectivity enables frames to be located apart from each other, yet still feature non-blocking total random access.

"This was an important factor in MBC's decision to purchase Clear-Com's Eclipse product" said Mr. Kyung-Sub Kwon, president of Sovico Corporation (, the Clear-Com distributor in Korea which facilitated the design proposals and the resultant purchase."

MBC plans to construct its major production center in Ilsan which is located 40 km from their main broadcast headquarters," he continued. "They will use Clear-Com's VoICE (Voice Over IP Communications Equipment) interfaces to connect between the two."

To enable this connection, MBC is taking advantage of Clear-Com's ability to connect intercom panels and matrix frames via the Internet. The purchase includes nine VoICE interfaces and five SOFT-VoICE panels, virtual intercoms which enable Clear-Com Eclipse users to connect to a remote intercom matrix through standard Windows XP and Windows Vista based PCs.

Our ability to connect the digital matrixes and intercom panels together using an IP based configuration was significant to the purchase decision, said Matt Danilowicz, managing director of Clear-Com. It basically allows MBC members that are many kilometers apart to communicate efficiently between sites and work seamlessly as one production team.

The ability to connect the intercom systems over a wide distance using IP over Internet was a major selling point to MBC. Kwon explained that the broadcaster eventually plans to network its Clear-Com intercoms with its 19 privately owned affiliate stations spread throughout South Korea, and that "This regional conversion to Clear-Com has already begun."

Sovico Corporation, with 34 years of history and experience, is a Korea-based company that has introduced over 40 world renowned professional audio and other multi-media brand equipment to the Korean market, including JBL, Soundcraft and AMX. The company is also well known in the fields of designing, technical education, sound consulting, and other multi-media areas.