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CASE STUDY: La Jolla Playhouse


By taking advantage of Clear-Com®'s HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline, La Jolla Playhouse has saved time and resources, improved its production workflow, and surpassed the expectation of UCSD graduate students and Broadway production experts.

Full Case Study:

CUSTOMER: La Jolla Playhouse
  • Mandell Weiss Theater
  • Mandell Weiss Forum
  • Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre
  • Theodore & Adele Shank Theatre
  • Arthur Wagner Theatre
  • Dance Studio 3
  • Complex infrastructure amplified costs
  • Constant interruptions to workflow
  • Lack of system options hampered agility
  • Insufficient group connections restrained teamwork
  • 4 HMS-4X HelixNet Main Stations
  • 2 HRM-4X HelixNet Remote Stations
  • 30 HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpacks
  • HLI-ET2 Ethernet Linking Module
  • HLI-2W2 Two-wire Interface Module
  • 2 HME DX210 Wireless Intercoms
  • HME DX200 Wireless Intercom
  • Simplified setup maximizes productivity and savings
  • Smoother coordination
  • Achieve tailored production experience
  • Increased flexibility and extended collaboration
  • Heightened user satisfaction