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You can go further with FreeSpeak® 50


FreeSpeak 50 is now fully integrated with Eclipse, the world’s most advanced digital matrix range.

The world’s first fully featured, licence-free, digital wireless intercom system, FreeSpeak® 50 from Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, can now also maintain point-to-point communications wherever the beltpack user is roaming and will be featured for the first time at IBC 2006.

The FreeSpeak/Cellcom matrix controller card, known as E-Que, can now provide its digital wireless beltpack users with full integration within the matrix. Through Dynamic Port Allocation (DPA), the matrix can maintain point-to-point communications with the beltpack user no matter which antenna it is communicating with or where the user is roaming.

FreeSpeak 50 operates using a cellular network of digital antennae directly connected to the Clear-Com matrix. Enabling the matrix to serve complex or very large areas and wireless systems with 50 or more users, where wired or line-of-sight communications would simply not be practical. This includes TV studios, broadcast centres, national theatres and concert arenas, and any other application where users require access to multiple channels simultaneously.

Until now, wireless belt pack users could speak with selected individuals or with selected groups of people on the same channel. With the E-Que Controller card, the system operates like a mobile phone network, simply finding the nearest antenna and enabling the user to communicate with anyone else on the system, no matter where they are located.Combined with the intelligent, programmable FreeSpeak belt packs that already offer a high level of functionality, the E-Que controller card makes FreeSpeak 50 the only totally mobile, seamless, fully integrated digital intercom system available.

Designed for extended continual use, the belt pack is compact, stylish and lightweight. It has a tough high impact, weatherproof casing and up to 12 hours battery life. For smaller systems, the FreeSpeak 10 is available operating from a stand alone base station serving up to ten belt pack users over 10 Antennae.The E-Que controller card also has provision for E1 and T1 trunking when matrices are widely situated.