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Facilitates passive Powerline 3-pin XLR cabling to HelixNet user stations.


HelixNet Powerline Device
• Networked Powerline Bridge, for: HelixNet on Arcadia or HMS-4X1
• Powerline to HelixNet User Stations, to: Beltpack, Speaker & Remote Stations
• Device Status Indicators
• Central Diagnostics in Arcadia CCM
• Compact for Optimal Installation
• Multiple Installation Options
Surface Mount - Optional
Rack Mount - Optional

• Digital over 3-pin XLR cable
• Passive Cabling Infrastructure; Supporting Y Splits & Daisy Chain
• Long Cable Distances
• Robust connectivity

• Ethernet
• Powerline
• DC Power Input

• (24) Powerline Devices per system
• (1) Powerline per device
• (7) HelixNet Beltpacks or power equivalent Remote & Speaker Stations

Item Code

HXII-DPL: HelixNet Powerline Device

(1) Inline PSU 90W 48V DC (PSU-EXT-005)
(1) Rubber Feet kit (MECH-00379)
(1) Velcro for PSU Mounting (235G032)

Optional Accessories:
SM-100 Surface Mount
RK-100 Rack Mount
SP-2 Intercom Splitter Cable - XLR-M to XLR-M & F
SP-3 Intercom Splitter - (1) XLR-F to (3) XLR-M



Powerline is a connectivity method allowing Ethernet to be modulated on a 3-pin shielded XLR cable providing multiple devices on the line with power and network communication. Powerline may be split, daisy chained and otherwise distributed passively over traditional XLR infrastructure to provide various installation options.


Powerline Device

The HelixNet powerline device bridges Ethernet to Powerline and provides an injection of power for the devices on the Powerline. Using the powerline device HelixNet user stations, operating on compatible firmware versions, can connect to their paired HelixNet system host, such as the Arcadia Central Station or HelixNet HMS-4X1 main station, via the system host’s network interface.

HelixNet powerline device supports up to (7) HelixNet beltpacks or its power equivalent HelixNet remote and speaker stations. HelixNet beltpacks can be daisy chained using the optional SP-2 intercom splitter cable, or equivalent passive splitters.

HelixNet powerline device can be located anywhere on the network it is optimal to connect the powerline within the cabling infrastructure. Multiple powerline devices can be on the network, providing the appropriate user station capacity and quality of service required for the installation.

HelixNet powerline device includes simple indicators for device local troubleshooting of up-and-downstream cabling and overload conditions, while centrally the Arcadia Core Configuration ManagerTM (CCM) accessible by any web browser), displays connection status and diagnostics information for all powerline connected devices.

Installation Options

The HelixNet powerline device is designed to allow for various installation options in different environments. Compact portable form-factor allows for the device to be placed or mounted wherever needed. Supplied rubber feet can be installed on the bottom of the device to allow for “throwdown” style usage. Optional SM-100 surface mount allows the powerline device to be permanently installed with screws, straps or using 3rd party DIN rail clips. Optional RK-100 19” rack mount allows up to (4) HXII-DPL powerline devices to be mounted in 1 rack space. Heavy duty industrial Velcro is provided for optional installation of the external inline power supply.



Arcadia Central Station v2.11+
HelixNet HMS-4X1 v4.5+2
HelixNet User Stations:

-Beltpack (HXII-BP, HBP-2X)
-Speaker Station (HKII-KB, HKB-2X)3
-Remote Station (HXII-RM, HRM-4X)3

Note: HelixNet User Stations must be upgraded to a compatible firmware version prior to regular use with the HXII-DPL Powerline Device. Upgrade options include: User station Network connection or HMS-4X¹ Powerline connection.

Upgrade options include: User station Network connection or HMS-4X¹ Powerline connection.


(24) HXII-DPL Powerline Devices on a HelixNet System Host such as Arcadia or HMS-4X1


(1) Digital Intercom / XLR Powerline: 3-pin XLR-M
(1) LAN Ethernet: EtherCON RJ45
(1) DC Power: 3-pin KPJX-PM-3-S

Controls and Indicators

Front Panel:
(1) LAN / Network Activity Link & Activity LED - Amber
(1) Digital Intercom / XLR Powerline Link & Activity LED - Amber
(1) Overload LED - Red
(1) Power - Green

Rear Panel:
(1) LAN / Network Activity Link & Activity LED - Amber
(1) Digital Intercom / XLR Powerline Link & Activity LED - Amber
(1) Digital Intercom / XLR Powerline Overload LED - Red


Data rate: 100Mb


One independent network XLR Powerline
Frequency Modulated Ethernet - OFDM
Output Voltage: ±28.5V DC
Output Current (Max): 0.9A per Powerline
Protected for cable shorts or overload
Frequency: 1.8 - 67.5MHz
Requires shielding integrity between different Powerlines
Support up to 7 beltpacks each
Support up to 2-7 remote & speaker stations each
Locally powered remote & speaker stations count as beltpack

Use HelixNet Cable Calculator to validate load and cable distance.


Voltage: 48V DC
Current (Max): 1.8A
Power (Max): 87W
BTU (Max): 297 BTU/hr
Dependent on powerline connected devices
Input Power Connector: KPJX-PM-3-S


This unit is powered via:
AC Adapter - Inline:

Type: PSU-EXT-005 (supplied)
Input Voltage Range: 100 - 240V AC
Input Frequency Range: 50 - 60Hz
Input Power Connector: IEC-C14
Output Voltage: 48V DC
Output Current (Max): 1.88A
Output Power (Max): 90W
Output Power Connector: KPPX-3P
Cable Length: 59in (1.5m)
1.3 x 2.1 x 5.23in (HxWxD)
(33 x 53 x 133mm)
Weight: 0.55lbs (0.25kg)


VESA Sockets Center-to-Center: 2.95in (75mm)
VESA Thread Type: M4x10
Note: Velcro is included for optional mounting of PSU. Apply Velcro to plastic (non-label) surface and cure for 24 hours before use


Operating: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Storage: -22° to 158°F (-30° to 70°C)
Humidity: 20-90% Non-Condensing
Acoustical: 42dB SPL A-Weighted @ 1ft (32dB SPL A-Weighted @ 1 mtr)


Device: 1.555 x 4.213 x 7.78in (HxWxD)
(39.5 x 107 x 197.58mm) – Includes handles
Shipping: 5.5 x 8.5 x 12.25in (HxWxD)
(140 x 216 x 311mm)


Device: 1.3lbs (0.59kg) – Excludes power supply & regional power cable
Maximum Level: 5lbs (2.25kg) – Excludes regional power cable


1HMS-4X is a legacy product. HMS-4X operation requires HLI-ET2 Ethernet Interface Module.
2Use with HMS-4X does not feature central pairing and diagnostics
3Remote and Speaker Station are form, fit and functionally equivalent material and construction

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