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See the Eclipse HX-Delta as a replacement frame for the Eclipse HX-PiCo.


  • 1RU 36-port Digital Matrix Frame
  • 36 analog ports (32 ports support panels or interfaces)
  • 8 onboard GPOs, 8 onboard GPIs
  • Link up to 64 matrices with 4-wire trunks and LAN
  • PiCo-Link intelligently links audio between co-located Eclipse HX-PiCo frames
  • User menus for I/O levels, routing and status
  • DTMF inward access and outward dialing
  • Includes 4 selectable configurations from front panel
  • VOX-programmable audio
  • Remote access via Internet/Ethernet
  • Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX)
  • 2 internal power supplies for redundancy

Item Code



0dBu is referenced to 0.775 volts RMS


Power Consumption: 60W Max. per inlet

No. of Panel Compatible Ports: 32

No. of Analog Audio Ports: 4

No. of Power Supply Units: 2

No. of Ports Per System (max.): 36 per system; 72 ports from 2 HX-PiCo linked matrices

Matrix Performance

Sample Rate: 48kHz

Resolution: 24 bit

Frequency Response: at 48kHz sampling: 30 Hz - 22kHz ± 3 dBu

Crosstalk (Adjacent Channel): <-70dBu

Nominal Level: 0dBu

Matrix Headroom: 18dBu

Distortion: <0.05 %, at 0dBu, 300Hz to 10kHz; <0.1 %, at 0dBu, 100Hz - 20kHz

Off Noise: <-98dBu relative to +18dBu, 20Hz - 22kHz

On Noise: <-83dB relative to +18dBu, 20Hz - 22kHz

Key Response, Intra-System: <40ms for audio route

Linked Systems: <60ms for audio between matrices


Matrix Interfaces

GPI Inputs: 8 total; opto-isolated

GPI Outputs (Relays): 8 total; isolated relay contacts

GPI Connector: 25-pin D-type socket on rear panel

GPO Connector: 25-pin D-type plug on rear panel

External GPI-6/RLY-6: RJ45 on rear panel

Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Serial PC RS-232

Baud Rate: 57600

Maximum Distance: 10 meters

Number of Ports: 1

Connector: 3.5 mm socket on front

System Programming

Crosspoint Level Control: 0.355 dB steps

Input Level Control: 0.355 dB steps

Output Level Control: 0.355 dB steps

VOX Input Detection Threshold: 0 dB to - 40 dB adjustable


Operating Temperature: 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)

Storage Temperature: -67°F - 158°F (-55°C - 70°C)

Humidity (max.): 90% non-condensing


1.75 x 19 x 12in (HxWxD)

(44 x 482 x 300mm)

11lbs (5kg)

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