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Choosing the Right Wireless Intercom System: Rentability (Part 9 of 9)


When trying to decide what Clear-Com wireless is right for you, you may have a need to add additional beltpacks or systems. If you can't afford to purchase, you may have the option to rent what you need. Here, we discuss this section of the Choosing the Right Wireless Infographic and whether the ability to rent additional units matters to you. 

While owning an intercom system is ideal, many productions have found that renting such systems is better suited to their bottom line. For AV rental and staging companies, as well as live event communications companies working corporate industrial events, political events, special events, sports events, televised events, and even hotel convention centers, buying a system, or several, in order to rent to a wide variety of clients brings in recurring revenue that isn't easy to ignore. 

Dependable internal communications for the staff of an event is a necessity. A quality presentation can only be achieved when personnel involved in the production can communicate quickly and reliably. When a variety of different manufacturers' technologies are involved, achieving this can be challenging.

This is particularly true in fixed installations, like theaters, opera houses, symphony halls, and houses of worship. In all of these locations, increasingly complex productions require the intercom system to be flexible and capable of being expanded to support multi-floor, multi-site, or multi-venue operations. Integrating an outside participant, like a video production team or touring show, frequently adds to the need for expansion - especially when wireless intercoms are deployed. 

Similarly, in the broadcast world, the need for good multi-venue wireless intercom communications is vitally important during live events. These events include sports, award ceremonies, pageants, and other programs that are produced away from a controlled studio environment. 

All of Clear-Com's wireless systems (DX100, DX210, DX300ES, DX410, FSII 1.9 GHz, FSII 2.4 GHz), all offer rock-solid reliability, the flexibility to scale as needed, and the support for other third-party communications equipment. That means that many different types of rental clients can use them in a myriad of ways. As a rental business, that's the kind of in-demand technology you should look for when building your rental inventory. Any technology you choose has to be favored by the industries you serve in order for you to quickly recoup your investment. 

Rental clients require systems that can be set up and broken down quickly and easily. That's why the intercom products from Clear-Com are the perfect fit for any rental business. Short-term production use is also a great reason to rent equipment from a local source. In addition, if you need more equipment than originally estimated, then a local AV organization can provide you with extra last-minute equipment. 

This is the reason why Clear-Com established the Global Rental Group (GRG), a strategic alliance of top Rental Service Providers from across all market segments and geography. The Clear-Com Global Rental Group Partners are based all over the world and provide communication equipment, including wireless intercoms and support services for events of any size. 

When rental clients consider renting intercom systems, they often look at price, value, service, experience, and other equipment a rental company carries. Clear-Com has become the defacto standard for crew communications. Everyone knows the name and the reputation Clear-Com has built over the decades of serving production business. When that client comes calling, your rental business should have plenty of them on hand.


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