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Oil Rig Onshore Communications


One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is working on an offshore oil rig. Employees work long shifts and fatigue makes clear thinking difficult. Additionally, the structure of a rig, which includes several decks and areas only reachable via a series of ladders, is inherently dangerous. These all create scenarios where a tired worker may slip and fall onto lower platforms or into the water. Tools and machinery are also a risk as they may also fall from above and hit unsuspecting workers. And because petroleum is flammable, workers may also be subjected to fire or explosions. To lower injury risk, high quality, dependable communications are critical to worker safety. Clear-Com provides on rig communications tied back to on-shore control rooms so all users are aware of current situations and conditions. 


Application Notes

In on-shore control rooms, teams use Station-IC on computers (Windows or MacOS) and Agent-IC mobile devices (Android or iOS). Up to eight licenses of each per LQ interface can be used at a given time. If more are necessary, additional LQ devices can be added to increase the count. The LQ device also serves as the IP interface needed to connect to the outside world. In this case, the LQ connects to a router and communications are delivered to the rig over a satellite IP link.  

The oil rig also has an LQ device with a 2-wire port for connection to an Encore MS-702 mainstation. The MS-702 has communication capability and connects to five workers on beltpacks. The partyline nature of the Encore system on the rig allows all users to listen in on the same channel so everyone is aware of current conditions. Full duplex communication allows anyone on the system to speak to on-shore or oil rig workers at any given time. 



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