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Remote Broadcast of the 2020 Democratic National Convention (Podcast)


Join Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com, as he interviews Corey Behnke, Producer and Co-Founder of Live X, about the ground-breaking 2020 Democratic National Convention. Corey shares insights and learning from the planning, preparation, and deployment of the first-of-it-kind four-day event, almost entirely produced and directed remotely. Bob and Corey muse on what this means for future events of its kind, the technology involved in this sort of operation, and what can be learned by our industry as a whole from this experience. Below, we've also included a short glossary of terms which came up in the discussion. Enjoy!



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Amazing fact: apparently the DNC convention was helmed from (Emmy winner) Glenn Weiss's living room in Brentwood. He had pants on but no shoes.

— John Brownlow (@JohnBrownlow) August 21, 2020

Glossary of Terms

General Industry Terms

  • RF-Radio Frequency: Rate of oscillation which corresponds to the frequency of electrical signals normally used to produce and detect radio waves.
  • 4-wire: A duplex (two-way) audio signal used to talk and listen in communication.
  • SMPTE-2110: Professional Medio over time sensitive IP Networks suite of standards that will enable manufacturers to supply devices that can interconnect uncompressed audio and other important metadata between devices that support every conceivable video processing function. *Variations include: ST 2110-10/20/30/40 and more. 2110-30 is used for audio transport and can be used in a comms system.
  • Partyline (PL): A simplified intercom workflow (2-wire) where everyone can hear any of several discrete channels. Users communicate over several multipoint-to-multipoint communication circuits.
  • Endpoint: An operator controlled entry-point into the intercom system. This may include an intercom panel, partyline device such as remote station, role station, wired or wireless beltpack, 2-way radio, or mobile client (i.e. Agent-IC).
  • Over-the-Air (OTA): Any type of wireless transmission (i.e. TV and radio broadcasts transmitted over the air).
  • Streaming: A method of viewing video or listening to audio content without downloading the media files.
  • Video Encoder and Decoder: A video encoder/decoder (also known as codec) is a device or software program that converts visual/audio information between analog and digital formats.
  • Latency: Amount of time delay between a transfer of a video/audio stream that is being transferred over a network.
  • SRT-Secure Reliable Transport: Open source video/audio transport protocol and technology stack. SRT uses secure streams and easy firewall traversal to optimize streaming performance and deliver high-quality video/audio product.
  • Trunk: A single channel of communication that allows multiple entities at one end to correspond with the correct entity at the other end.
  • Feed: An audio or control signal transported to an endpoint.
  • Clean Feed: Output form a studio mixing desk or switcher which includes everything that the listener hears except for extraneous information not necessary for the listener (not a full program feed).

Product Terms

  • Dante: A proprietary combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network using Layer 3 IP packets. Dante(R) technology is owned by Audinate.
  • Makito: High vision encoder and decoder. Enables SRT over internet.
  • Blackbird: Professional cloud video editing and publishing platform. Enables remote editing.
  • Rivet: Application that helps producers bring in remote guests to live and on-demand shows. Enables contribution to live streams with return audio and video to production and broadcast facilities around the world; wherever a network connection is available.


Podcast Hosts

Bob Boster

President, Clear-Com

Corey Behnke

Producer and Co-Founder, Live X