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Agent-IC: Changes to Apple iOS devices supported.


Apple regularly updates the software development tools provided to developers such as our Agent-IC engineering team. These tools provide an environment that our Agent-IC uses to interact with the operating system and device.  Over time this develops as you can see whenever your device updates to the latest available operating system as well as new devices, with new capabilities, are introduced into the market.

When iPhone 14 was introduced Agent-IC needed to be updated to support Apples latest development tools as they included changes to the audio formats that apps can use. With Agent-IC 2.10 we now provide full support for iPhone 14.

Apple and Google additionally depreciate support for older devices every year.  With this update Agent-IC will only be supported by iOS version 10 and higher. 

This means that the oldest iOS devices that are supported with Agent-IC are;

  • iPhone 5 (2012)
  • iPad (gen 4–2012)
  • iPod Touch (gen 6–2015)
  • Older devices are no longer supported.

Information on minimum versions supported on Apple devices can be found here: