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Behind the Lens, with Pete D’Alonzo


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Emmy Award-winning Pete D'Alonzo, a 30-year veteran of TV Sports Cameraman work, brings his unique perspective and lively style to his Internet radio show, Behind the Lens, with Pete D'Alonzo. His show focuses on personal anecdotes and musings of a long and storied career in the last bastion of unscripted live TV. Guests include noted TV and sports icons, as well as callers that share their own questions, comments and stories. Behind the Lens, with Pete D'Alonzo is a must for anyone interested in sports, sports TV, or just plain fun. 

Tune into the show live on Tuesdays at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time. Pete always welcomes his listeners to call during the live shows the share their stories at 1-888-346-9144. 
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