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Catheterization Laboratory with EQUIP


Medical facilities are busy, very busy. There are multiple personnel groupings and specialists that can be in different parts of a facility at any given time. Focus down onto specific disciplines such as cardiology, oncology, or orthopedics and you can begin to have a common group working toward a common outcome. It is in these scenarios where a communication system can greatly enhance a team’s process and simultaneously reduce medical risk.

During a procedure, medical personnel must have the ability to use both hands at all times. A hands-free communication link to anyone on the team even if they aren’t in the same room is a huge difference maker. Add the conversational (duplex) ability where each user doesn’t have to take turns talking and you have a very powerful system that plays a part in a positive patient outcome.


Application Notes

The EQUIP intercom system provides catheterization lab personnel with a state-of-the-art hands-free communication system. The system’s base station can be placed anywhere in the office area – an electrical closet, computer room, or office. Transceiver antennas are then placed anywhere wireless communication is needed. In most environments, four transceivers will easily cover the entire office area. Medical personnel can communicate over two separate channels to speak with doctors and nurses on two different teams in two different cath labs. A headset with a fully charged battery can cover an eight-hour shift, then the battery can be replaced with a fully charged one in a matter of seconds.



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