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Employee Spotlight: Vic Lombardi, Regional Sales Manger - Northcentral USA


Vic Lombardi began his Clear-Com journey at the age of 12 as his mom dragged him kicking and screaming to a production of CATS at the Coronado Theater in Rockford, Illinois. He emerged from the experience blown away by the beauty and power of theater, prompting him to take a directing class during college. In that class he learned about intercom, and when he started working as a stagehand and later mixing sound, he was using wired beltpacks from Clear-Com. To bring things full circle, he even had a chance to work some gigs at the Coronado.

His involvement with comms was put on pause while he pursued his interest in mixing music at recording studios, but when he joined Rep Firm, Spoiled by Technology, he immediately gravitated to the Clear-Com line. As he puts it, "it made me feel like I was walking into the Coronado Theater all over again!"

"To me, Clear-Com stands for that term, 'The Show Must Go On'," comments Vic. "I just love that Clear-Com stands by their products, and the people that use them. Not to mention that Jay [Wallace] and Mike [Rucker] always made work fun."

When not working with Clear-Com dealers and end users in his region (Midwest), Vic enjoys Wednesday Board Game Night with his family, and smoking brisket with his youngest daughter. Read more about some of Vic's favorite things, and advice to people just joining the industry. And if you ever have a video call with Vic while he's working form his home office, you will see a picture of the Coronado Theater hanging on the wall behind him.

Favorite Food:

I love food - all of it! If there was only one cuisine I had to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Japanese, but I also love BBQ.

Favorite Movie:

Christmas Vacation - I watch it 2 or 3 times each holiday season.

Favorite Book:

Franklin Barbecue - A Meat Smoking Manifesto (Cookbook)

Favorite Band or Artist:

Stevie Wonder

First Live Concert:

Rick Springfield at the Metro Center, Rockford, Illinois, circa 1982

Dream Trip:

All over Europe!! Starting in Italy.

Advice to Someone Just Starting in the Industry:

Make sure you have a solid IT background and understanding of IP networking.