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eSports Gaming Production with Analog Partyline and Wireless


eSports is a formalized competitive venue for multiplayer computer games. It has become the fastest growing sport in the world for revenue, viewership and investment. By 2019, it is anticipated that more than 427 million people will be playing or watching some form of eSports game. Tournaments between professional gamers has gained significant popularity with which the need for well-executed broadcast quality productions are needed.


How It Works

Production communications operate on two levels for a given tournament. The gamers and coaches are on a set of channels and the production team is on a set of channels. The two gamer teams, each on a single Encore analog partyline channel compete with each other. Their coaches on FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks can move freely and communicate with the team – referees monitor the action on any channel. On the production side, shoutcasters call the play-by-play action while getting direction via IFB from the director.



Featured Products used in this Application: