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Have you registered for Firmware update notifications?


There are many reasons to stay informed about the latest firmware for your Clear-Com devices and now there is an extra important reason to register.  

In recent years, our industry has been heavily affected by supply issues as everyone is aware of. Clear-Com has reacted to this with extensive engineering effort in qualifying and substituting components as is needed to maintain our production. In most instances these sustaining changes are invisible to our customers and sometimes they are noticeable. 

We are currently releasing firmware updates to support either changing components or to introduce support for alternative supplies of components that have the effect that these devices require a minimum firmware version and will not support older firmware versions.

HelixNet Endpoints, such as the HRM-4X Remote Station, HKB-2X Speaker Station and HXII-BP Beltpack have recently had their memory component updated with a component that is equivalent to the previous one in performance but must be supported by a newer firmware HelixNet version 4.4 or Arcadia 2.8 and cannot be downgraded to an earlier version like its predecessors.

The Arcadia Central Station and FSE-BASE Base Station have also received support for alternative source of performance equivalent components and the units built with these newer components and must be operated by version 2.8 and cannot be downgraded to an earlier version like its predecessors.

  • HelixNet, Arcadia and FSE-BASE units built in 2023 may be inhibited to run an older version
  • Future firmware versions will support both hardware versions described in this article
  • There is no performance difference due to the HelixNet, Arcadia and FSE-BASE changes described in this article
  • Clear-Com recommends regularly upgrading the firmware of your HelixNet, Arcadia and FreeSpeak systems to avoid incompatibilities.
  • Subscribing to the Firmware Announcement Mailing List is highly encouraged.